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Fun Board Game – Ooga Booga

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A board game where you get to create your own language- OOGA BOOGA! In a faraway Island, a long time ago, four groups of settlers from four Kingdoms tried to claim the island as a part of their territory. Hence started a battle that shall be remembered for ages. For it was not a battle of swords; rather a battle of words. A battle that was won using two words: Ooga Booga!

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A board game called OOGA BOOGA allows you to invent your own language!

Long ago, on a remote island, four parties of settlers from four Kingdoms attempted to annex the island to their respective territories. Thus began a conflict that will live on for all time. Because it was a war of words rather than weapons. Two phrases were used to win the battle: OOGA BOOGA!

Order our brand-new board game Ooga Booga NOW and make your game nights and gatherings the talk of the neighborhood with this 4-player game!

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